April 26, 2007

I was in the Crown Casino, at the Greco restaurant waiting on a take out cake.  There were some drongos who monopolised the view of the cake window then acted like they’d never seen a cake in their life – ‘check that one’ ‘whoa’ ‘ I want that one’ etc.  As I waited at the counter, the joselled for position bumping into me like tits.  The father had no sense of personal space and the teenage boys just needed a right good kick to the head.  In fact, the whole family was pure white trash with absolutely no manners.  Anyway, there was a girl at the bar with 2 guys and she started crying…I felt sorry for her and looked away as she was obviously upset.  The drongo dad grabbed the two boys by the shoulders and pointed outstretched to the crying woman…they then transfixed themselves on her as if she was some sort of spectacle or source of entertainment.  I just thought this was deplorable behaviour and if I hadn’t been a resident in the casino or the cameras weren’t there, I would have kicked off at them.  Really, these people needed to be put down at birth or at least sterlised then tortured.


Mad ramblings…

April 4, 2007

Sometimes you just have a few brewskis and figure like spouting some crap.

 Well this blog is designed to take the verbal onslaught instead of my buddies.

 Hmmm….the latest crap is the global warming rubbish.  I’m not saying it’s happening, but man isn’t making the amount of contributions you would think.  More CO2 is produced from the oceans etc.  I guess it’s just a drive to reduce consumption of fossil fuels as the reserves run low in the world…which might de-stablise cash/power.  So I guess the best thing to do if you are running out of oil, make some people study the effects of greenhouse gases, blame it on the fuel and then everyone will start being more careful with usage….meanwhile you hike the price of oil.  Hmmmm…elaborate but effective.

 Still polluting the atmosphere is bad so I’m all for green no matter what they say.