Will we ever see a fury of sports cars in the future?  We’ll look back on the 90s/early millenium at all the Cosworths, Subarus and Skylines to find things far more subdued.

With Jap imports making up a huge portion of sports cars due to their much cheapness and reliability, it appears the petrol will kill them.  A Jap import car needs 100RON or Optimax/BP Ultimate otherwise it will detonate under load.  At £1.35 max per gallon, wtf!

Soon speed will be for the rich and the careless.  But I’m sure fuel costs will keep this kind of activity to a minimum.


When I was in my early 20s, I thought the new youth coming thru would be super smart, computer literate and way more mature than us counterparts.

Instead, they have become drunken slobs and thick as thick.  The focus is on being famous, glamorous, having a nice phone and getting pissed. 

Inadvertently by clamping down on ‘rave’ culture in the 90s and outlawing drugs completely in clubs/pubs, we’ve generated a whole army of drunks.  The whole of britain will soon be like a local boozers in a hardened northern england chav-town.

Anyway, that is my made rambling for today.  Young people of today, you are so thick.

Oil prices are up.

Credit is at bursting point.

Governments are broke fighting in the middle east.

When is it going to ‘pop’?  We all know Northern Rock, after pretending to be calm has imploded into a disaster and used all it’s bank loan from the Bank of England and Government.

It’s an uncertain time, many are saying the economy is going down..ok sounds fine, it has to but it’s a vortex effect where value is wiped off shares and property very quickly.

Something has to give when banks irresponsibily lend money…and it’s giving…

Yup, I got the dog.

He’s a he, and it’s a beagle.  Very cute, the pound dogs just had a queue for all the nice ones…so we went with a cute beagle puppy that just wants to fook up my house.

I’ll post up pics soon.

A dog…should I get one?

October 19, 2007

Dogs…nice companions but a lot of trouble sometimes.

They shit in the worst places, like your neighbours lawn.

They run away.

They need to be constantly taken care of – 4 hours without human contact is rough for a dog.

But they are kinda fun.  And like a member of the family.

Hmmm…still not sure…

Mad terrorists…..

July 12, 2007

…and incompetent which is just as well for us.

Parking some bomb loaded cars on double yellow lines wasn’t too clever.

The ramming a jeep into the airport but finding it couldn’t fit through the doors wasn’t too clever either.

I can Osama cringing ‘those f*cking dummies, they got chapati flour for brains!’

Ayit, we have a new PM.  That does not mean anything will change, in fact it might get worse.

Mr Brown looks pretty much like a guy who lives in the pub / smokes constantly / drinks gallons of coffee / doesn’t exercise.  In which case, he’s going to fit in beautifully as a British PM and relate to most of the nation.

So when’s the Iraq withdrawal Mr new PM?

I just find that everything is done to the minimum here. 

Having been to some other countries, I am now raising the standard on everything I do from cleaning the toilet to cooking a 3 course meal.

It’s just sickening how people don’t care and consumer standards are so low in this country.

Having the task of replacing an Abbey National plastic card, I had to call for 20 minutes before I got through to India.

Mr Chapati or whoever he was said he had to transfer me and I was promptly cut off.

WTF is it with call centres!?!?!?!?!

Eventually I called again and went thru to ‘lost and stolen’ for a replacement card, which diverted to UK fortunately.  Wait time just 5 minutes.

It pisses me off there is no facility on the website to request a new card etc.  Banks are soooooo slow and fraud paranoid to get into all that efficiency…

Had a strange dream – I dreamt an Easyjet plane crashed in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. UK.  It was at night, I was driving down a road and there it was in field.  Charred in 3 pieces, but not on fire.

Next day I turned on the TV to see the Kenyan plane crash.